Lazy Designer versus Active Designer — Who are you?

Aamina Suleman Khan
3 min readFeb 15, 2021

Any content writers, managers, or strategists here? You all know how it is like to work with designers. There are times the experience is pleasant and many times it is a dreary process resulting in headaches and arguments. However. despite all the drama, we know design matters so we need to practice patience. We also realize and acknowledge that when design and content work hand-in-hand, they make much more powerful and successful messages, especially for an online audience.

This said, in any workflow, the key is not really the process but the people involved in it. Yes, you can use a fancy process like sprints, but if the team is not in the game, then nothing really works out right.

I have been involved in content management for some years now, and in this time, I have dealt with dozens of designers.

Here are a few sorts I have come across.

  1. The ones who have completed design degrees and are somewhat haughty. They think they know it all and often disregard good ideas just because it was not theirs.
  2. The ones who have done short courses and assume they don’t need to learn more. They stay stuck in bubble, never wanting to break free. They’re mostly demotivated or just procrastinating.
  3. The ones who get hired for basic skills on low pay and build their level of skills along the way. These designers are actively willing to do better each day.
  4. The ones who disregard their opportunities simply because they’re lazy. They just want everything plated in front of them.
  5. The ones who get very upset either way, whether you tell them what to do or you leave them to do what they want. They’re never happy with anything.

Well, this list can go on, but the bottom line is that there are typically two types of designers. The question is: Are you a LAZY Designer or an ACTIVE Designer?

The Uninspired vs the Inspired

Lazy designers always find ways to not put in hard work into a piece of design. They will pick the most simple and boring inspirations and aim for just those. Compared to this, active designers always keep a check on new ideas and design trends to stay updated and inspired. They don’t mind making complex or polished designs.

The Slacker vs the Workaholic

Lazy designers are always trying ways to avoid work, and therefore most of what they make looks like they didn’t put any effort. Active designers put their best in the first go, so they leave no stone unturned regarding creativity and professionalism.

The Argument Seeker vs the Doer

Lazy designers will rather argue to avoid making edits. They will blame the client or the content creator instead of saying, “let me see what else I can do to make it nicer.” Active designers will always be open to making improvements. They may mind a little too many edits, but they will make sure that the design is amazing.

The Crybaby vs the Solver

Lazy designers are complainers. If you ask more of them, they will complain about you to their team head or the manager. They will portray you as evil — propaganda, you know. Active designers don't complain. They try to find the solution to the problem.

So, which type of designer are you? Lazy or active, or in the middle somewhere.

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