5 Kickass Visual Ways to Re-Promote Your Content on Social Media

Aamina Suleman Khan
2 min readFeb 28, 2018
Image Source: Freepik

New content is produced every day, but many a times you see the same old thing in new avatar. This is called “content rehashing”. Basically, a technique whereby you revive aged content into something trendy and fresh.

So how do you promote the same thing repeatedly to captivate your audiences? Here are 5 smart ways to re-promote your content.

Make a GIF like Duh! (that is, Graphics Interchange Format)

GIFs are interactive and fun! Use intriguing words and images to create an engaging loop. There are two ways to make GIF from your visuals or writeups:

  1. Make short clips from a full video. The trick is to include a small section of your recording or animation. Also speed up the frames, so it becomes a teaser or trailer.
  2. Pick out enticing phrases, quotes and insights from your article and create a GIF. You can use tools like GIF Maker or Giphy.

C’mon Slice That Video Dude

If your video is lengthy, you can make snippets from it. These won’t be in a loop. All you need to do is ask your video editor or use an online tool to make short versions of your video. You can use this technique to highlight different parts of your video content.

Jazz Up The Titles With Customization

You can re-create the look of the title by making an image with a new font and befitting graphic elements to share on your major social networking platforms. A cool way to redesign your content titles is also to use native filters available on some social media websites like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Visualize That Dreary Data

Are your statistics not receiving the attention they deserve? Well, everyone isn’t a data lover but everyone sure wants it. This is why you need to creatively present data using visual elements. You can use templates from iStock or Freepik, or create your custom graphics on Adobe Illustrator.

Be Narcissistic — Quote Yourself

Okay, I know this tip sounds highly self-centered but sometimes you need to brag. Pick out things you’ve said, opinions you’ve shared, perspectives you’ve put forward and make a shareable image. You can use online design tools like Canva to create visuals.

Got more tips up your sleeves? Share ’em here.