10 Pesky Things about Design Projects that Annoy Graphic Designers

Aamina Suleman Khan
4 min readFeb 23, 2018

Have you worked on a project that ran smoothly? Oh, now that’s a dream! I’ve never met any designer not complaining about something or other (related to their work, of course).

Sometimes, it all seems like a “series of unfortunate events”, to be honest. I truly sympathize with these creative beings who struggle their way to success only to find that striving is actually a part and parcel of this industry — a continuous process. Technically, you can’t have an ideal situation with everything working in perfect sync unless you’re living a dream, or you’re in a designer’s utopia.

So here are ten things I think seriously make designers pull their hair out in annoyance.

If you’re vexed by these pesky things then hang on, because this is only the start. He He Ha Ha.

Ill-Informed Clients

When these alien beings come up to professional designers and cluelessly say they want a bunch of things designed for cheap rates in less time. Them not knowing about design is okay, but them not having knowledge about their business, market, and competitors is another level of ignorance.

Design Software Glitches

Yes, you have the so-called professional software to design graphics for branding, photography, and products but they cause trouble too. At some point, you must have come across these unsatisfying moments.

Unclear Brief

An important part of the design process is when clients tell you what they want, but late graphic designer Ivan Chermayeff shares that often the problem is not defined properly, and designers need to find it out themselves.

Internet Problems

Yeah, many of you must be wondering what in the world designers need the internet for? Well, to do second-hand research and to get inspired. Plus, in case the newbies need to access the help section of the software, they need the internet.

Delayed Video Rendering

I’ve worked with video editors so I know how long rendering takes, especially if your system isn’t powerful enough. And many times, if designers try and do something else simultaneously, they’re posed with the “not responding” error.

Work from Home — Not Alone

Okay, if any of you designers have nagging mothers or wives, impatient fathers or husbands, spoiled siblings or kids then you know how hard it is to work from home.

Uncompromising Deadline

Have you ever come across a client or employer that showers you with work and wants it in a jiffy? This feeling just prolongs and sometimes you even end up making these silly design mistakes only to rush it all.

Constant Edits

When you’re done with your project, don’t be too happy okay?! Yes, this is the time when the “real” annoyance starts. The time to edit — the part when the client says that most of what you created is not what they want.

Long Nights

Sometimes it's heartbreaking to watch designers working their *** off just to complete their project. How do you even survive by sleeping so little? It’s a miracle because a normal person can’t cope with this. Designers are extraterrestrial creatures, surely.

Late Payment

Just imagine, on top of all that you go through to complete a “freaking” project, the client pays you late. Apart from all the things clients say that designers hate hearing, this is one: “Oh, you know we’re a small company, it’ll take some time to pay you.”

Alright, so these are a few problems I feel graphic designers suffer during their design projects.

What annoys you the most? Share your upsetting experiences, if you have any.

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